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Mrs Bolatito Babalola

Welcome to Grenville Schools, an institution that is fast becoming a leading International School in Lagos as well as Nigeria. This academic session has been an exciting year for Grenville with so many exciting curricula and co-curricular activities geared towards educating the minds of the learners. My gratitude goes to all our parents for their support, and to our students and staff for their many sacrifices and hard work in making sure that we realized a successful academic calendar.

Grenville is not just a school, but for all of us, a group of family members able to share in the achievements of our learners. The team spirit that we have developed has helped to ensure the achievement of some notable academic milestones, not just in terms of overall results but also in the character and impact we have had on our learners. In all humility, we take pride in the journey that we have made so far and what the future holds for Grenville.

At Grenville, we remind ourselves that leaders are not born but nurtured and developed through hard work, diligence, dedication and being surrounded by high moral and social values. These values guide our every effort and are the building blocks that will help ensure that students from Grenville not only take their rightful places as leaders, but will also help to shape society so that it is a better place for all its citizens.

Once again, as a mother and also a parent of children at Grenville, I want to assure parents that we care not only for our learner’s academic success but also want to make their years at the school into an experience that will always give them an excellent foundation wherever they may find themselves. That is our focus and the goal that we will always have as our guiding principle.

God bless you all.