Grenville History

Grenville School was founded by Mr and Mrs Jide Babalola in 2011, in Ikeja-GRA, Lagos and based on the belief that education is a preparatory ground for children, in whose hands the country’s development and growth depends. Thus, an educational institution especially at the tertiary level must ensure that children are grounded soundly not only academically but also morally in preparation for becoming a responsible and caring citizen of Nigeria.

To that end, all the structures that have been put in place are directed at achieving this vision. Classes have been equipped with the state-of-art technology and staffs have been selected to fulfil this vision through both experience and continuous training and up-dating of their knowledge and qualifications.

The School of course has a long way to go to make a significant impact but the Lord has been kind to show that in Him all things are possible. The motto of the school speaks volume about our vision: Trust in God, Excel and Lead. Belief in the creator is the starting point of any educational development as it instils the many characteristics that make up the human kind. Through that guidance of life, the child then realises that he or she is duty bound to serve others and that this can only be done through knowledge and excellence. In accomplishing that, others then come to emulate their achievements through their guidance and leadership. For Grenville, we very much hope that this vision will in the future translate into leadership that will benefit the many citizens of our beloved country who yearn for better lives and development.