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At Grenville (Secondary) Schools students are trained to organize themselves and their work. Academic life at Grenville Schools begins at the entry point with diagnostic tests in English Language, Mathematics and Science. These tests are organized, not only to determine the current ability of the students, but to also identify areas of weakness, which will later be addressed upon resumption for academics in the school.

KEY STAGE 3: Grade 7-9, known as Key Stage 3 forms the first three years of secondary education. Teaching at this stage is done in a continuum, such that a new lesson builds on the previous one. Apart from this, tutors are always on ground for support, during and after school. Additionally, Students are trained to attain proficiency level in all subjects, as they are expected to carry over the knowledge acquired in one stage to the next stage, till the stages terminate with the writing of Checkpoint Examinations in Grade 9. The Checkpoint Examination covers English, Mathematics and Science. On completion of the Checkpoint Examination and a short break, Students at Grenville Schools are immediately placed in IGCSE Introductory Class, also known as Grade 10 Lower. The Grade 10 Lower class is adequately examined in order to channel the right career pathway for the students as they go into Key Stage 4 and IGCSE Class.

KEY STAGE 4: A vast majority of the content of the IGCSE syllabus is covered in Grade 10, while Grade 11 is meant for revision and reinforcement of hitherto acquired knowledge. The IGCSE Class terminates in Grade 11 with an external examination, which our ever reliable educators will have adequately prepared the students for.