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Grenville OSSD Centre is a flourishing Sixth Form which provides an outstanding environment in which our students thrive, both academically and personally. The root of this is our determination to meet the needs of all of our students, maintain high academic standards and provide opportunities to ensure that our students are well prepared for the next stage in their academics journey.

We firmly believe that our achievements are based upon the key strength of positive relationships. Everybody matters in our Sixth Form, and the rapport between staff and students underpins the purposeful and creative learning environment that we all enjoy. We provide experienced and a seasoned teachers coupled with our strong pastoral and mentorship teams which enable our students to realize their potentials. Our aim is to translate student’s hopes and ambitions for the future into academic and personal successes. This is achieved through a combination of student endeavours, effective teaching, challenging targets and robust tracking systems.

We take great pride in our students’ achievements. We believe that we provide a curriculum for students of different abilities and we thank you for taking time to find out more about our OSSD/Sixth Form. We hope the course information effectively illustrates the learning environment and curriculum we offer, but if you would like to come and see for yourself, please do not hesitate to so.

We look forward to meeting you.

S.O Odeyemi
(OSSD Coordinator)