Our School Uniform


Secondary School Uniform

Primary School Uniform

Pre-School Uniform


Our school colours are navy blue, white/ sky blue and red. This is evident in our school uniforms. In the pre-school, the children wear blue on Monday, white on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday while sports wears are worn on Wednesday.

In the primary section, the boys wear navy blue trousers on a white shirt while the girls wear white shirt with navy blue pinafore gowns.

The secondary school male students wear navy blue trousers, a white shirt, red tie and navy blue blazers. The female students wear navy blue skirts, white shirts, red tie and navy blue blazers. Black leather lace up shoes is the official shoes of students of Grenville schools.

Good grooming is not negotiable at Grenville Schools so the male children turn out with low haircuts while the girls weave their hair neatly to the back. Only year 11 female students are allowed to braid their hair singly. (Bob –Marley hair style)