Why Choose Grenville?

Grenville School was founded based on the belief that education is a preparatory ground for children, in whose hands the country’s development and growth depends. Thus, an educational institution especially at the primary and secondary levels must ensure that children are grounded soundly not only academically but also morally in preparation for becoming a responsible and caring citizen of Nigeria.

The motto of the school speaks volume about our vision: Trust in God, Excel and Lead. Belief in the creator is the starting point of any educational development as it instils the many characteristics that make up the human kind. Through that guidance of life, the child then realises that he or she is duty bound to serve others and that this can only be done through knowledge and excellence. In accomplishing that, others then come to emulate their achievements through their guidance and leadership.

Not many schools can claim to have a deliberate policy of keeping its class sizes small as it is our belief that this one of the ways that we can help to ensure that children of all capabilities are brought up to a satisfactory level of performance. It is a school that wishes to make an impact in the society within which it operates but in ways that will benefit the wider populace.

Also in choosing Grenville, you would have made a choice for your child that places emphasis on character and moral values in a world that is woefully beset by wars and misunderstandings. Through our children, we can make a difference in so far as they will be guided by values that places the concern of the other on-top of their decision making process. It is for this reason that we have placed character and the development of moral and ethical values as integral part of our curriculum delivery. Hence, education at this level should also be about inculcating life-long values.

Finally, at Grenville teachers are reminded daily of their enormous responsibilities and the need to ensure that they act as good role models in order to impact our children’s growth and development. In addition, great emphasis is placed upon them to effect proper class discipline and timeliness on a daily basis. These values then become a way of life and can enable our children to play their full part in society.

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