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Grenville School was founded by Mr and Mrs Jide Babalola in 2011, in Ikeja-GRA, Lagos and based on the belief that education is a preparatory ground for children, in whose hands the country’s development and growth depends. Thus, an educational institution especially at the tertiary level must ensure that children are grounded soundly not only academically but also morally in preparation for becoming a responsible and caring citizen of Nigeria.

To that end, all the structures that have been put in place are directed at achieving this vision. Classes have been equipped with the state-of-art technology and staffs have been selected to fulfil this vision through both experience and continuous training and up-dating of their knowledge and qualifications.

The School of course has a long way to go to make a significant impact but the Lord has been kind to show that in Him all things are possible. The motto of the school speaks volume about our vision: Trust in God, Excel and Lead. Belief in the creator is the starting point of any educational development as it instils the many characteristics that make up the human kind. Through that guidance of life, the child then realises that he or she is duty bound to serve others and that this can only be done through knowledge and excellence. In accomplishing that, others then come to emulate their achievements through their guidance and leadership. For Grenville, we very much hope that this vision will in the future translate into leadership that will benefit the many citizens of our beloved country who yearn for better lives and development.


The mission of Grenville is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their personal best academically, socially and spiritually in order to become leaders of the future.


The vision of Grenville is to be a world class learning institution which exceeds expectations by combining a strong and highly professional team of staff with state of the art technology and facilities.


Olajide Babalola

(Chairman Grenville School)

I want to welcome children from all walks of life and from different regions of Nigeria and the international community to Grenville. In founding the school, I was guided first and foremost by the fact that there is an urgent need to provide education that will secure the future leaders of our beloved country.

But leadership on its own is not enough and so my second desire was to develop a school that will build on sound moral and human values. My experience has led me to the view that to build on character starts early in life. So at Grenville, pupils are taught from the very beginning that beauty lies not just in intelligence but also in the whole character of a person. Steadily and progressively, Grenville is beginning to imprint these values in our children and in time we believe that our children will go out into the wider world and influence even more people into developing sound and good moral and leadership values.

At the same time, adopting a particular curriculum needs to be accompanied by the requirements set for its delivery. To that end, we have equipped Grenville with teaching aids and technology that will ensure that our children are up to-date with the outside world. Also, our teachers, the majority of whom are well grounded in our courses, are being encouraged to extend their knowledge through further education and continuous training. Together with the Director of Studies we have identified programmes that will ensure that our teachers are not just among the best in the country, but also paced setters to be emulated by other schools.

The recent addition of boarding facilities would now ensure that Grenville School is truly international as we begin to attract the children of Nigerians in the Diaspora. These children apart from acquiring Nigerian values and culture will also help our other students understand the importance of diversity and social responsibility.

Mrs Bolatito Babalola


Welcome to Grenville Schools, an institution that is fast becoming a leading International School in Lagos as well as Nigeria. This academic session has been an exciting year for Grenville with so many exciting curricula and co-curricular activities geared towards educating the minds of the learners. My gratitude goes to all our parents for their support, and to our students and staff for their many sacrifices and hard work in making sure that we realized a successful academic calendar.

Grenville is not just a school, but for all of us, a group of family members able to share in the achievements of our learners. The team spirit that we have developed has helped to ensure the achievement of some notable academic milestones, not just in terms of overall results but also in the character and impact we have had on our learners. In all humility, we take pride in the journey that we have made so far and what the future holds for Grenville.

At Grenville, we remind ourselves that leaders are not born but nurtured and developed through hard work, diligence, dedication and being surrounded by high moral and social values. These values guide our every effort and are the building blocks that will help ensure that students from Grenville not only take their rightful places as leaders, but will also help to shape society so that it is a better place for all its citizens.

Once again, as a mother and also a parent of children at Grenville, I want to assure parents that we care not only for our learner’s academic success but also want to make their years at the school into an experience that will always give them an excellent foundation wherever they may find themselves. That is our focus and the goal that we will always have as our guiding principle.

God bless you all.

Sanchita Ghosh

(Head of Schools)

Sanchita Ghosh, our Head of Schools, believes that every child has potential to be a leader. This is achievable with teachers’ passion, love and drive towards each child. Her 25 years of rich teaching and administrative experience in the field of education makes her a visionary and a result oriented personality. A believer, that teachers’ should teach the child and not the subject. Her faith in working synergy with parents, communities and colleagues is unique.

She believes that parents are the major ‘stakeholders’ and are integral part of the school. Her own emotional intelligence and her right blend of approach to compassion, discipline and constructive freedom of children make her very much acceptable to parents, children and faculties.

A person who has a dynamic and versatile personality, harbours an ebullient source of energy for the people around her fosters a caring and learning environment where every student can reach her own potential, believes in open and honest communication, respect diversity with a range of diverse students’ background and diverse experience and talent, promotes excellence and spirit of international mindedness.

Besides being passionate in commitment, she believes that innovation come with empowerment. She also believes that ‘none of us is better than all of us’. Before joining Grenville, she was the Principal of four different International Schools.

She approaches education in a holistic manner, giving importance to extracurricular and co-curricular activities with an aim to have in every child ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. This makes the students not only academically brilliant but also emotionally strong and resilient. She has rich exposure in UK and Nigerian curricula.

Educational qualification: Master’s degree in English with double Bachelor’s degree in Education and English separately, additionally acquired Master’s degree in Music and Dance. Successfully completed rigorous Leadership Training under Dale Carnegie’s faculty, coached in Interpersonal Skills from a leading University of the world. State level champion in swimming and Athletics, professionally trained in Interior Designing and Landscape Designing from an international university of repute.


We place our trust in God, Students of Grenville school, We strive to lead and show the way, Excelling in all things we do, We strive to lead and show the way, That others may follow.

Help us God, we pray, we pray! So help us God, we pray, we pray.

Oh God, bless our school, In all the works we do. Oh God, bless our school, May we learn to lead and excel. We rise above the stars, Students of Grenville school, Lifting ourselves to greater height, Role models for generations. Lifting ourselves to greater heights, That others may follow.

Help us God, we pray, we pray! So help us God, we pray, we pray! Oh God, bless our school In all the work we do Oh God, bless our school May we learn to lead and excel.