Grenville School believes that the community a child grows is important in shaping them in a multitude of ways. We ensure that Grenville Assembly provides students with an opportunity to come together and better themselves. Grenville School operates two general assembly periods in the mornings, one gender assembly, class assembly and Mentor-mentee assembly per week. In the general assemblies, all students come for announcements, presentations, advice, debate, information, news, moral instructions, commendation and correction of behavior.

The gender assemblies treat gender-specific issues, challenges and topics. We have a couple of topics like leadership, bullying, puberty, self-control etc. that are treated in a no-hold-barred environment to further instill good habits in our students. In the mentor-mentee assembly, each teacher is assigned to a group of students and not more than five students are assigned to a teacher mentor. During this assembly, they discuss challenges relating to social and academic life. The teacher can also make recommendations on how they can improve or deal with certain situations.