Boarding House

Hostel Facilities with International Repute

Our top-class boarding facility provides a warm, comfortable environment for the full term, weekly and occasional boarders in Grades 7-12.

This modern, spacious home away from home nurtures independence and confidence while they learn the importance of respect in a larger society.

Boarding school life is carefully overseen by residential house parents, a supervisor and two members of the academic staff to support them.

Our boarding accommodation is divided into two major residences of female and male sections. Each residence is single-sex with the boys and girls in their respective sections

Boarding Life

Boarding evenings and weekends

When the school day ends, life in the boarding house begins. After lessons have finished, the children are welcomed home by our house parents, eager to hear how the day has been.

We regularly have our siesta, which is followed by the evening sports which brings everyone for an activity or two. These include basketball, lawn tennis, badminton etc.

With leisure time complete, it's off to the dining room for supper together, where we enjoy delicious food prepared by our wonderful in-house catering team.

Prep is observed with the house parents and any academic staff on duty to help in their independent study and assignments. After prep is done, then it is time for bedtime.

Our Bedtime Routine

Our bedtimes vary according to age. Junior lights are out by 9:30 pm while Senior lights are out by 10:00 pm. We take sleep seriously and ensure that quiet time takes place before lights out. To encourage the children to go to sleep promptly, we have a reward and sanctions system and staff are on hand to make sure they settle quickly and all is indeed quiet.

With the house parents living on both wings within the boarding house, they are always close at hand when needed at any time of night.