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Boarding Rules and Regulation

Have you ever seen where parents sing the praises of a school because of moral standard, academic excellence and the peace of mind they derived by keeping their children in our boarding facilities?

The reasons are not far- fetched. The boarding house is well equipped, and it is an understatement to call it good. It is world class!

So many efforts have been put in place to attain the excellent position. This begins with the infrastructure embedded in the hostel; 24 hours of power supply, large rooms and beds for students’ comfort, well-furnished common room and dining room etc.

However, rules and regulations are designed to guide the students morally, socially, physically and spiritually.

The rules and regulations appeal to their conscience and help them coordinate themselves with little or no supervision at home. These also help prepare them for the future.


Apart from the fact that we give balanced diet to our students, we also consider students allergies, if any. We offer both local and continental dishes, prepared in a hygienic, well-organized environment, by world class chefs.

The lunch is superb. We believe that the students should have excellent meals. We give them both continental and intercontinental meals to open them to new experiences through the medium of tasteful cuisines.

Boarding Dress

We have a variety of house wears that are designed to fit the students, irrespective of their gender.

Boarding Schedule


Pastoral Care

The children are morally and spiritually guided so as to be better individuals in the future. Moral talks are organized to keep them abreast with their religions.