Chairman’s Welcome Address

Babalola Moses Olajide, Chairman of Grenville Schools

Parents, guardians and children, from all walks of life and the different regions of Nigeria and beyond, I welcome you.

In the early stages of Grenville’s beginning, I was guided, first and foremost, by my belief that there is a need to provide education that will secure the future leaders of our beloved country.

However, leadership on its own is not enough, and so my second desire was to develop a school that will build on sound moral and human values. My experience has taught me that building on character starts early in life.

So at Grenville, pupils are taught from the very beginning that beauty lies not just in intelligence, but also in the whole character of a person.

Steadily and progressively, Grenville imprints these values in our children and in time, we believe that our children will influence people to develop good morals and leadership values.

Adopting a particular curriculum needs to be accompanied by the requirements set for its delivery. To that end, we have equipped Grenville with teaching aids and technology that will ensure that our children are up to date with the developments of the modern world. Also, our teachers, the majority of whom are well-grounded in our courses, are being encouraged to extend their knowledge through further education and continuous training. Alongside the Director of Studies, we have identified particular programmes that will ensure that our teachers are not just among the best in the country, but also pace-setters to be emulated by other schools.

The current boarding facilities ensure that Grenville School maintains an international status as we begin to attract the Nigerian children in the Diaspora. These children, apart from acquiring Nigerian values and culture, will also help our other students understand the importance of diversity and social responsibility.

Babalola Moses Olajide - The Chairman of Grenville Schools

Babalola Moses Olajide

Chairman of Grenville Schools