The guardian/parent is required to purchase a  form which helps us collect important information about the student. The student is expected to take an entrance examination to determine the which class will be best for them. Additional details on admission can be found here.

We provide Crèche (3months – 17 months), Pre-school (18 months – 4 years), Elementary (5years – 10years), Secondary (11years – 15years) and Sixth Form (16+).

The maximum number of students for every class is 20. This number is preferred to ensure absolute concentration from students and considerable supervision from teachers.

The application form is N15, 000 only and can be purchased either on our website here  or right at the front desk of the school.

We operate a boarding school system and a day school system. For more information about the boarding school click here.

You can get our application form physically from the school or online via our website here.

Students are accepted into the boarding school from the primary level. Our confidence in their safety and well-being is of assurance, just as we can always vouch for the professionalism of the house masters/mistresses.


To be a world-class learning institution that ensures that all students have the opportunity to reach their personal best academically and socially in order to become leaders of the future.

To combine a strong and highly professional team of staff with state-of-the-art technology and facilities that will enhance creative and independent learning. To promote the fundamental tenet of unity in diversity of cultures, and becoming the beacon of moral, academic, and technological excellence.

Yes, we do, The school has a Special Education Needs (SEN) unit that provides inclusive learning for students with special educational needs. The department has a team of professionally qualified teachers and therapists that provide support, advice, and teaching for these wonderful students

Grenville offers OSSD and WAEC to secondary graduates. Students prepared for a year and go on to perform very well in both qualifying exams. Grenville schools also offers prepatory courses SATs, TOEFL, DELF and IELTs on request.

Football, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, swimming, athletics, taekwondo, and ballet.

Yes, we do. For more information on this,  contact us here.

Yes, we provide healthy, nutritious cooked meals for the students. Kindly find the school’s lunch timetable here.

Parents and students can always check for their results through the school portal here https://portal.grenvilleschool.com. Upon admission, the school creates a profile for every student.


Payments of any form can only be made into the school’s account, either through transfer or bank deposit.

Grenville School fee is very competive and reflects the standard of services we offer at the school.

For more information on the breakdown of school fees, kindly set up an appointment with our  Chief Accounting Officer here.

The school passes information to parents through diverse platforms. Upon admission, parents receive information via emails and WhatsApp.

We also have a very active social media filled with Grenville acitivies and educational content.

Yes, it does. However, this is only available to existing parents. New parents are required to pay the registration fee, pay for uniforms and provide first term fees in full.

You can get the school uniform during school hours after presenting your receipt at the school store.

Yes but this is dependent on the academic strength of the student during the entrance exam. Grenville starts prepping students for the IGSCEs from Year 10 and we strive to ensure that any student coming into Year 11 is adequately prepared to a certain extent.

The entrance exams come up three times a year. The three editions are always in February, April, and July. The specific dates are sent out to prospective parents via text and email.

Yes, there are. This depends on the parents’ choice for use.

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Secondary School’s proud tradition of athletics is reflected in the beauty and function of its campus facilities, the Haraldur Athletic Complex and Hopkins Gymnasium.