Grenville Wants Happy, Healthy Students

At Grenville School, we build the brain through works in all spheres.

By focusing on the individual needs and potential of each child, rather than their rank in a group. Grenville Schools have avoided the ‘epidemic of anxiety’ that is plaguing students in other schools in Nigeria.

While academic pressure is a huge source of anxiety for pupils and students, Grenville has psychology theraphy which help relaxes problems at school. This support system is the single most important factor in helping our student thrive.

Besides, by providing a diverse and balanced education, teachers help kids to enjoy and look forward to their time at school.

‘School should be where we teach the meaning of life; where kids learn they are needed; where they can learn community skills.

We educate through the journey of discovery, wonder and an exploration of curiosity. We are master at it.

By teaching students in a way that is encouraging and motivating, they’re helping to guarantee their present and future success. In Grenville, having happy children is the most important thing, we want to bring back the joy of learning. When you come onboard into our schools, you see happy, active and engaged pupils.

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