International Trips

International school trips can positively impact a student’s entire learning experience.

Not only are these trips fun-laden, but they provide students with the opportunity to expand their tacit knowledge, gain higher-level learning and advance their problem-solving skills. A lot of students become more engaged in their studies after, embarking on an international school trip.

Students derive a lot of benefits when exposed to international trips.

Such benefits are:

  • improved critical thinking skills,
  • experiential learning takes place,
  • expanded worldview,
    reinforce classroom material,
  • stronger teacher-student relationships,
  • confidence-building,
    increased motivation in the classroom and
    lifelong memories.

Currently, Grenville Schools offer two international trips every academic session:

  1. Students attend the New York Military Academy Leadership Programme every summer for leadership training, and to some other selected countries for leisure and tourism. The Years 10 and 11 students also participate in the yearly leadership programme, organized by Nigeria Model United Nations. This takes place every November.
  2. Our students participated in the Global Little Miss Galaxy in Bulgaria in 2014, went on a leisure and tourism trip to Dubai in 2016, and attended The New York Military Academy Leadership Programme in 2018 and 2019.