Learning Support

At Grenville schools we believe in the uniqueness of every child and we understand that every child learns differently. Our focus is for all our pupils to attain their full potential and be fully included in all aspects of school life irrespective of their learning needs and challenges. The Learning Support Unit offers broad academic, social, emotional and behavioral support to our  students who needs additional assistance to maximize their potential. We provide individual support programs which may include one-on-one or small group teaching and targeted support within the classroom to address specific needs of a child.

Our Learning Supports for the Core and Non-Core Students

The unit also work by collaborating with classroom teachers and subject teachers to create and manage specialized curriculum for the gifted and talented students in the school to help boost their brain power. This includes further differentiated tasks with higher level objectives and leadership roles. We also cater for children who requires Special education to perform optimally. These students are integrated into regular classrooms to the maximum extent possible where we provide in-class support. They also receive one-on-one or small group support where we harness their strength, skills, interest and abilities, to modify the school curriculum to suit their needs. Programs are designed to meet their daily needs and to enable easy transition from childhood to adulthood.

Feel free to walk into the school for enquiry on our services. Grenville school simply the best for that special child.

Our Achievements