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Preschool Parent Reflection

Mr. Abou Hassan: Am excellent school, my children enjoy coming to school and I am happy about the progress they are making.

Mrs. Ghrazi: I love the activities which provide a great and enriching experience for the children. They learn swimming, Taekwondo, they act plays, there is fun day and above all the hands on teaching using Montessori Method in preschool are all great experiences for my son.

Age Criteria

Nursery 2+ to 5+







Preschool Co-ordinator’s Message

Grenville Preschool is a purpose built structure for the academic, social and physical well-being of the children. It is a beautiful place for children to learn. There are open spaces for the children to explore and a well-equipped playground for physical exercises.

The Montessori Method is used since at this level children learn using their five senses of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. The instructions go from concrete to abstract. There is also differentiated learning because children develop at different rates. A child competes only against himself.

Our teachers are well trained and they are people with passion for children. We know that beyond learning to read and write, children at this stage need a lot of care and love.

There is a beautiful and calming sick bay manned by a qualified Nurse to give prompt attention to children who fall ill in the course of the day.

Our main focus in Grenville is to develop in our children the love for learning. Our greatest achievement is the joy and enthusiasm we see on the faces of our children every morning.