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Secondary School

Academic Organization

At Grenville (Secondary) Schools students are trained to organize themselves and their work. Academic life at Grenville Schools begins at the entry point with diagnostic tests in English Language, Mathematics and Science. These tests are organized, not only to determine the current ability of the students, but to also identify areas of weakness, which will later be addressed upon resumption for academics in the school.

KEY STAGE 3: Grade 7-9, known as Key Stage 3 forms the first three years of secondary education. Teaching at this stage is done in a continuum, such that a new lesson builds on the previous one. Apart from this, tutors are always on ground for support, during and after school. Additionally, Students are trained to attain proficiency level in all subjects, as they are expected to carry over the knowledge acquired in one stage to the next stage, till the stages terminate with the writing of Checkpoint Examinations in Grade 9. The Checkpoint Examination covers English, Mathematics and Science. On completion of the Checkpoint Examination and a short break, Students at Grenville Schools are immediately placed in IGCSE Introductory Class, also known as Grade 10 Lower. The Grade 10 Lower class is adequately examined in order to channel the right career pathway for the students as they go into Key Stage 4 and IGCSE Class.

KEY STAGE 4: A vast majority of the content of the IGCSE syllabus is covered in Grade 10, while Grade 11 is meant for revision and reinforcement of hitherto acquired knowledge. The IGCSE Class terminates in Grade 11 with an external examination, which our ever reliable educators will have adequately prepared the students for.

Secondary Academics

The secondary arm of Grenville Schools is one of the schools covered by the Cambridge Assessment International Education. The first three years of secondary education, otherwise known as Checkpoint Class, covers a large aspect of a child’s acquisition of basic knowledge and developmental skills, attitude and aptitude.

The Checkpoint Class (Key Stage 3) begins with Year 7 and terminates in Year 9, where a child would be expected to write the Checkpoint Examinations. The Checkpoint Examination covers English, Mathematics and Science. The significance of the Checkpoint Examinations is essentially in its ability to channel the direction of a child towards subject choices in the pre-IGCSE class (Year 10), having identified his/her strengths and weaknesses.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) bifurcates into Year 10 and Year 11. The bulk of the syllabus is covered in Year 10, which is more like a preparatory class for the examinations in Year 11. The final year of the IGCSE class (YEAR 11) is a revision class, where most of the topics covered in Year 10 are reviewed and tested in readiness for the terminal examinations.

Overall, students are expected to learn in a continuum from Year 7 through Year 11 as all the knowledge, skills, attitude and aptitude will be put to the test in the final examinations.

Grenville (Secondary) School, in conjunction with University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES), embraces flexibility by allowing students pick from a pool of subjects which may include English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Literature, Accounting, Economics, and many others.

Secondary Parent Reflection

Mr. Abou Hassan: Am excellent school, my children enjoy coming to school and I am happy about the progress they are making.

Mrs. Ghrazi: I love the activities which provide a great and enriching experience for the children. They learn swimming, Taekwondo, they act plays, there is fun day and above all the hands on teaching using Montessori Method in preschool are all great experiences for my son.

Age Criteria

Grenville School is a co-educational day and boarding school. The programme of study is the Cambridge syllabus which is dedicated to children from eleven (11) to sixteen (16) years.

The programme run thus:
Cambridge Secondary 1
(11-14 years)
Cambridge Checkpoint
Cambridge ICT Starters
Cambridge Secondary 2
(14-16 years)
Cambridge IGCSE
Cambridge O level


Grenville offers a robust British curriculum, spiced with some infusions of the Nigerian content.

The school offers Yoruba Language, French/Arabic and English Language, Information and Communication Technology, History, Business studies, Fine Art, Design and Technology, Music, Geography, Mathematics as mandatory subjects in years 7 to year 9.

Science, in the junior classes (year 7 to 9), is taught as separate subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology); as against the usual integrated form of science found elsewhere.

This way, the students have sound knowledge of each of the science subjects and are not only well grounded and prepared for the British Checkpoint examination in year 9, but also ready for the subjects in the higher secondary levels.

In years 10 and 11, apart from having the Science, Humanity and Commercial pathways, with wide scope of relevant subjects. We also have vocational subjects (taught in year 7 to year 9), which are handled by seasoned instructors.

Examples of such subjects are:

  • Art and Design
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama and Dance
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Music
  • Business Studies
  • Geography

Secondary Vice Principal

Josephine Imade

(Vice Principal Secondary School)

Sanchita Ghosh, our Head of Schools, believes that every child has potential to be a leader. This is achievable with teachers’ passion, love and drive towards each child. Her 25 years of rich teaching and administrative experience in the field of education makes her a visionary and a result oriented personality. A believer, that teachers’ should teach the child and not the subject. Her faith in working synergy with parents, communities and colleagues is unique.

She believes that parents are the major ‘stakeholders’ and are integral part of the school. Her own emotional intelligence and her right blend of approach to compassion, discipline and constructive freedom of children make her very much acceptable to parents, children and faculties.

A person who has a dynamic and versatile personality, harbours an ebullient source of energy for the people around her fosters a caring and learning environment where every student can reach her own potential, believes in open and honest communication, respect diversity with a range of diverse students’ background and diverse experience and talent, promotes excellence and spirit of international mindedness.

Besides being passionate in commitment, she believes that innovation come with empowerment. She also believes that ‘none of us is better than all of us’. Before joining Grenville, she was the Principal of four different International Schools.

She approaches education in a holistic manner, giving importance to extracurricular and co-curricular activities with an aim to have in every child ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. This makes the students not only academically brilliant but also emotionally strong and resilient. She has rich exposure in UK and Nigerian curricula.

Educational qualification: Master’s degree in English with double Bachelor’s degree in Education and English separately, additionally acquired Master’s degree in Music and Dance. Successfully completed rigorous Leadership Training under Dale Carnegie’s faculty, coached in Interpersonal Skills from a leading University of the world. State level champion in swimming and Athletics, professionally trained in Interior Designing and Landscape Designing from an international university of repute.