Annual Social Programs

In Grenville School, we have special programs that enunciate our core values and connect us deeply with our Grenville community.

A few of these programs are:

  1. National Day:

This event is usually the very first event for every new session and it allows us to showcase our rich and diverse cultural heritage with exciting activities that promote unity in diversity.


  1. Theme day:

This event is one where the Preschoolers take the stage and put on a display of songs, dance and drama around the chosen theme for the term. Each Preschool class, led by their teachers creatively come up with ideas to showcase their understanding of the theme.


  1. Christmas:

A time to celebrate and rejoice with joy as we join the world to mark the birth of Jesus. This event is usually one to wrap up the calendar year and it’s always fun-filled with musicals, nativities, music concerts, dance and drama.


  1. Mothers’ day:

A day we celebrate the Grenville mothers by inviting them to the school hall and hosting them to a great event of laughter and joy such that they reminisce with delight their gracious life of motherhood.


  1. Inter-house sports:

This is an event that is held to showcase the student’s athleticism and promote the spirit of true sportsmanship.


  1. Fun day:

A day to unwind and have loads and loads of fun with plenty of games and raffle draws.


  1. Graduation ceremony:

The hallmark of the school year and a program that defines the essence of Grenville. Here we celebrate the achievements of our graduating classes in grand style.