Sports Program

We offer a wide variety of sports which ensures that all students can take part regardless of their talents or skills. However, we understand that certain skills and tactics can be developed through practice and training.

As with all our courses, the focus is on inclusion more than competition. In other words, we want every child to join in and have fun. We press the importance of following and understanding the rules and respecting both the players and the referee. These skills are important both on and off the pitch.

We value sport not only for the health and fitness benefits it provides but also for the values it instils: discipline, independence, determination, camaraderie and teamwork.

Students are encouraged to participate at all levels and they can be confident of receiving excellent coaching and an opportunity to represent the school in competition against other schools.

To promote a healthy body and mind, each section of the school organises a fitness day every Wednesday and Thursday for students and staff to have aerobic sessions with coaches and sports teachers.

There is also the pre-school activities day, a non-competitive participatory sports event day, and sports days for Elementary, Secondary and Sixth Form students, where participants compete as representatives of different houses.

We have a very active swimming program, a vital life skill. Here we explore the techniques for water safety and competence which can be applied to real-life situations. We also educate the students about basic skills like front crawl swimming. backstroke swimming, breaststroke swimming and butterfly swimming. It is important to note that these skills are also transferable toward academic excellence as it allows the student to stay fit physically and mentally.


For younger children, our professional coaches use stories and themes to teach the basics of basketball without getting too caught up in the technical side. Our coaches help them to practice and understand ball manipulation, whilst working on their balance, agility and coordination. Plus, every child will have the opportunity to score a basket!

For older primary school children, our coaches will teach the principles of attack and defence, which apply to a wide range of sports. They will also build on whatever level of skill each child has through a range of games, challenges and matches, each child will get to experience the many aspects of this fantastic team sport.


For the younger players (ages 5 – 7), we explore football through fun themes and stories as well. We work on controlling the ball, and building skills like balance, agility and coordination. Our games are designed to develop communication skills and teamwork. Plus, we make sure that every child gets that great feeling of scoring a goal!

For older children, our coaches create fun and engaging ways to turn skills into techniques by creating specific in-game scenarios. Our coaches will also build on transferable skills and knowledge for them to take into any other sport they enjoy.

We participate regularly in various competitions. For example, Grenville students have engaged in many sports competitions organised by the Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AISEN) and have brought home several awards each time from both the female and male teams in swimming and basketball.