Why Grenville is the best school to choose in Lagos

Why Grenville is the best school

Every now and then the question does occur to me, as it should to you, exactly why is it that I think a certain school is one of the best schools. Inevitably parents/guidiance and students have come to a point to say that Grenville is one of the best schools you can find around due to the following characteristics.

We educate through the journey of discovery, wonder and an exploration of curiosity. We are master at it.

Now, before you start thinking and wondering, let’s take a look at what people out there think the traits of the best schools are:.

  • Great leadership
  • The solid support of the management and board
  • Well-educated, well-trained professional teachers
  • Extensive academics
  • Focused extracurricular activities and sporting athletics
  • Superb facilities
  • Graduates accomplishment scheme

Teaching and Learning is personalized. Grenville strives and places great efforts in educating, training and supporting the teachers, so that they can do the same for their students. They are accorded huge amount of autonomy and authority in their classroom. All children have access to individualized support and help based on their needs from the beginning of their schooling.

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