I want to welcome children from all walks of life and from different regions of Nigeria and the international community to Grenville. In founding the school, I was guided first and foremost by the fact that there is an urgent need to provide education that will secure the future leaders of our beloved country.

But leadership on its own is not enough and so my second desire was to develop a school that will build on sound moral and humane values. My experience has led me to the view that to build on character starts early in life.

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Welcome to Grenville that is fast becoming a leading International School in Lagos and Nigeria. The 2015/16 Academic Session has been an exciting year for Grenville with so many exciting educational and non-educational activities and events taking place. My gratitude goes to all our parents for their support and to our students and staff for their many sacrifices and hard work to making sure that we realised a successful academic calendar. Grenville has become not just a school but ...

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I welcome you to Grenville School. As an academic in England, I came to realise many years ago that in a fast-changing and insecure world we all need a stabilising element in our lives in order to make sense of the resulting chaos. That stabilising element I came to realise cannot be developed in adulthood but during our adolescent period when we tend to absorb core values and begin to build an everlasting character imprint.

I joined Grenville because I believe the school to be in tune with my whole philosophy and way of life.

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News & Events

Christmas Show Whole School

Whole School Show for Primary and Secondary Evening Show

Xmas Junior Show

Junior Show for preschool and Key Stage1 Morning Show

Social Responsibility Day

For Social Responsibility Day, Pupils will send in donations and gifts( could include used shoes, clothes, cash, books etc) to be taken to orphanages and homes for the less priviledged