Boarding House Experience at Grenville School

Discover the comfort and warmth of our top-class boarding facility, designed to accommodate full-term, weekly, and occasional boarders in Grades 7-12. At Grenville School, we provide a modern, spacious home away from home that fosters independence, confidence, and an understanding of respect within a broader societal context.

Supervised by dedicated residential house parents, a supervisor, and two academic staff members, our boarding school life ensures a supportive environment. The boarding accommodation comprises two distinct residences for males and females, emphasizing single-sex sections for a comfortable living experience.

Our Boarding Routine

As the school day concludes, the vibrant life in the boarding house begins. Our house parents warmly welcome the children home, eager to hear about their day. Siesta is followed by evening sports, offering a range of activities like basketball, lawn tennis, badminton, and more.

After leisure time, the community gathers in the dining room for a shared supper, prepared by our exceptional in-house catering team. Following supper, dedicated prep time is observed, with house parents and academic staff on hand to assist with independent study and assignments. Once prep is completed, it's time to unwind and prepare for bedtime.

Our bedtime routine is tailored to different age groups, with Junior lights out by 9:30 pm and Senior lights out by 10:00 pm. We prioritize quality sleep and maintain a quiet period before lights out. To encourage prompt sleep, we implement a reward and sanctions system, ensuring a peaceful settling environment. With house parents residing on both wings within the boarding house, they are readily available at any time of the night for support.

Experience a nurturing and enriching boarding life at Grenville School, where every aspect is designed to ensure the well-being and growth of our students.

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