Beyond the core curriculum, we believe in providing students with opportunities to explore, learn, and thrive in various areas of interest. Co-curricular activities encompass a diverse range, including robotics, music, languages (Yoruba and Arabic), elocution, and art.


Our Robotics program empowers students with hands-on experience in designing, building, and programming robots. Fostering creativity and problem-solving skills, this activity sparks a passion for technology and innovation.


From learning musical instruments to vocal training, students explore the rich world of music. Join us in creating harmonies that resonate not just in our halls but in the hearts of our Grenville community.

Languages (Yoruba and Arabic)

Immerse yourself in the beauty of language through our Languages program. Whether it's the rich cultural tapestry of Yoruba or the eloquence of Arabic, students gain linguistic proficiency and cultural insight. Join us in celebrating the diversity of language.


Our program focuses on honing public speaking, debate, and presentation skills. Engage in expressive communication and build the confidence to articulate ideas with clarity and conviction.


From painting and sculpture to mixed media, our Art program provides a canvas for self-expression. Join us in nurturing the artist within and turning imagination into tangible masterpieces.

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