Grenville School: Nurturing Minds as a Thinking School

Grenville School embodies the essence of a Thinking School, where every member is dedicated to thoughtful, reflective, critical, and creative thinking. Our commitment is evident in the shared enthusiasm of staff and students towards cognitive learning.

The accreditation process, guided by the 14 criteria set by Bob Burden, Director of the Cognitive Education Centre at the University of Exeter, ensures our dedication to cognitive development. From formal commitments by the headteacher and governors to specialized training for the cognitive education coordinator and staff, Grenville School actively integrates cognitive learning into its curriculum.

The benefits of being a Thinking School are reflected in the improved attitudes towards learning, enhanced performance, and overall satisfaction among our students. We foster a positive, caring, and creative atmosphere, preparing students with essential skills for higher education and future careers.

As proud members of the Thinking School community, Grenville School embraces the common purpose of energizing staff, improving engagement and retention, motivating learning, enhancing attendance, and shaping positive behaviors and attitudes among our students. For more details on Thinking Schools, visit Thinking Schools International and Thinking Matters.

Health and Wellbeing at Grenville School

At Grenville School, the health and wellbeing of our students are paramount. Our dedicated staff members are equipped with first aid skills, ensuring the safety of our school community. While we prioritize preventive measures to avoid injuries, rest assured that in the event of an accident, swift and effective action will be taken.

In the case of an incident, our in-house medical professionals administer immediate first aid. Recognizing the importance of first aid knowledge in fostering a safer environment, our trained staff can promptly apply the correct procedures to prevent further harm. We understand that timely medical assistance is crucial, as a mild injury can escalate without initial intervention.

For more severe situations, our students receive immediate medical attention at a partner hospital located within a 10-minute radius from both Grenville Ladoke Akintola and Grenville Joel Ogunnike.

In health-related circumstances, parents are promptly notified and provided with advice, including whether pick-up is necessary. For a comprehensive overview of Grenville's health and wellbeing policy and procedures, please click [here](#) for more information.

Ensuring the health and safety of our students is not just a commitment; it's a priority at Grenville School.

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